UKIP bullocks

Long live UKIP. Their continued clumsy politics and confused manifestos make it a joy to watch them defect and compete to see which individual can become crowned the most anti-Europe. It's just like political Eastenders.

Richard Corbett MEP often picks up on the almost juvenile behaviour of UKIP in the European Parliament, though i suppose being an opposing party member, its in the job description. Imagine my delight in reading Corbett's article, that UKIP MEP Nattrass wants bullfighting banned in Spain...and the EU to do it. Brilliant.

With respect, Nattrass feels passionately about animal cruelty and the effect that a free-trade area has on long distance transportation of live animals, but bullfighting is in a totally different league. He highlights the fact that those pesky EU people made us sell our fruit and veg in slimy French kilos and not beefy British pounds (although the UK negotiated out of certain requirements for the 1989 European Units of Measurement Directive and imperial measurements can still be found on the majority of products). But this was to harmonise EU practice in a trade related area; harmonising bloodsports legislation is a little way out of the EU's current jurisdiction.

Personally, I wish him luck. If he is successful (what am I saying?!) I'd love to see him justify European legislation interfering in strictly national matters in a way that is even remotely compliant with the current party manifesto.

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