Rather disappoiningly, it appears I've missed the 50th birthday Man Utd v Europe XI football match. To be honest, I could be easily forgiven.

The match broadcast on BBC Three, meaning that not only do you need digital but extremely favourable weather conditions in order to pick up a signal. Considering the BBC allegedly broadcast the match, the match report on the BBC Sport website is laughable, consisting of no less than 98 words (and that includes the scoreline).

Further exploration of the BBC site leads me to an 'in-depth' report about what Mancunians general opinion is of the EU. Unsurprisingly, it takes the local MEP to outline how exactly the city has benefitted. Funnily enough, watching local news last week I found myself spontaneously shouting at the television which advertised a phone in about Europe's birthday by using some typical reference to a banana and its horizontal regularity.

Hopefully the 50th anniversary will deserve some decent coverage. The fantastic euro-blogosphere is much more well-informed than any broadcast regarding Europe that I've seen in a long time...although, had I seen the football, my mood may have been a bit different!

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