The Independent's front page has provided some important revision topics for the 'what has the EU ever done for me' question, which is bound to pop up over the next week or so.

My favourite, number 50 - 'Lists like this drive the Eurosceptics mad.'

The chaps from EU Referendum apparently disagree, saying that these lists don't drive them mad, just 'leave us with the sense of how pathetic and inadequate the Europhile case is, reinforcing our view that, with so little to offer, it must surely fail.'

Also, by their own admission, the list simply highlights the failure of the Eurosceptic movement to come up with a credible alternative to the EU.

The fact is that 50 years on, the Union still exists and has not only withstood the Eurosceptic onslaught, but incorporated it into the decision making process without too much of a stumble. A failure on this scale by a political group explains why reason 50 is definately true; it just rubs failure in their faces.

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