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I feel a word about the link to Let's Talk Europe is necessary. Started back in September by myself (a cynical europhile) and my housemate (a humble Mac owner) our lovechild was a weekly EU podcast.

Each of the seven weekly episodes dealt with some of the major (and not so major) developments in EU news. Unfortunately, due to looming deadlines, we had to pack it in.

One of the reasons we attempted an EU podcast was to make news from the Union a little more digestible. It is the only podcast of its kind in iTunes. The sensible policies that leave Brussels are often viewed with suspicion, no matter how overwhelmingly positive/sensible/groundbreaking they may be. And unpopular policies give the press an opportunity to pounce, despite national ministers having played an equal role in both situations via the Council.

Isn't this pick n mix approach getting a little tired? The British tabloids have been at it for god knows how long now and it is obviously what a lot of people want to hear. But what about that portion of society who are a little more interested in why this Brussles machine continues to exist when nobody admits to liking it.

It's frustrating for me (and I'm sure many others) who have to endure this pick n mix approach by the media, knowing well that there is another, untold dimension to the story.

Even so, this has been a vain attempt to say that since we stopped podcasting, we've had over 1,000 downloads!

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    I was looking for a good EU podcast. Too bad you stopped yours. I found a nice source of EU news is ... It is quite refreshing to see that most of the news are not put in a sceptic way.  

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