How to get the EU noticed

Christian Bulzomi at BlogEuropa has proposed a fantastic way to celebrate the 50 years of the EU...and it's guaranteed to make people appreciate it.

A 'non-EU day' would undo the work of the European Community just for one day and would probably be the most effective way of answering that eternally complex question 'what has the EU ever done for us?'

His suggestions include to:
  • reintroduce the original checks at their borders;
  • take foreign products from the shelves;
  • allow the discrimination of Europeans working in another Member State and discriminate women independently from their nationality with regard to working conditions;
  • close the infrastructures constructed with cohesion funds;
  • revoke every aid or subsidy which origins from the budget of the European Community;
  • increase prizes in the air transport market and in the telecom sector as if national monopolies still existed
  • permit banks to charge extremely high fees for an intra-community bank transfer
  • read the rest here...
A day of such chaos would definately make me reach for my party hat, in a way that the Berlin Declaration hasn't.

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  1. # Blogger Elaib

    Better idea than most proposed by the powers that be, I would agree, and a lot more fun than Joe Cocker at the Brandenburg gate. However if they were to do all that, would they also repatriate fishing rights, give the money back allowing national Parliaments to decide spending priorities, cut the price of food by the estimated £20 per family per week and so on. It would be a poor show if only one aspect of the EU was to be highlighted.  

  2. # Anonymous Cybill

    Well said.  

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