Europe confronts Iran shennanigans

As the 15 captured British sailors being held in Iran face legal action for their 'mistake' I discovered this rather concerning article speculating to the exact date the US plans to attack Iran.

In a week when diplomacy has entered 'a different phase' at least twice, the capture of the Royal Navy personnel following their alleged trespassing into Iranian waters has faced condemnation from Britain, the UN and EU. Interestingly, the EU statement was the harshest.

In matters of this nature, language obviously plays a major part. Too soft and you're ignored, too harsh and you may face an unpredictable reaction. However, considering the British were patrolling Iraqi waters under a UN mandate, the Security Council watered down the original British request to 'deplore' the actions of Iran in favour of expressing 'grave concern.'

Whereas the EU agreed to stand 'shoulder to shoulder' with London over the matter, showing its 'unconditional support' and calling for the 'the immediate and unconditional release' of the sailors.

Despite all efforts, the stalemate continues...

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