No escape

In an attempt to mimick the supersonic capabilities of their trains, the French presidential candidates have been trying their hand at land speed records of their own.

Okay, so that is a slight exaggeration, but with little to say about the French presidential race (except wondering how well Le Pen will do this time around) it is the only contribution I can muster.

Sarkozy's car was caught doing 80mph in a 40 zone.
Le Pen's Peugeot was doing 114 mph on the motorway.
Royal, 98mph in a 70.
And the other one who nobody knows, 75mph through a tunnel.

None of the candidates were behind the wheel at the time. A French motoring magazine had been stakling the cars for a month. The same mag had caught de Villepin in a previous sting. Cheap gags were made about getting to the Elysee palace as quick as possible.

Of course this sort of practice isn't unusual in France; many journalists were attempting a similar thing with Diana's Merc.

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